General Rules & Regulations

Find the REHC’s all important Rules of Racing and General Instructions, as well as a range of useful guides and regulations in this section.

Any individual who applies for a Licence, Permit or Registration must meet the relevant established criteria. Applications are accompanied by a set of Guidance Notes which outline the criteria for each application type. These Guidance Notes are available on the Forms page, together with the links to the application forms. All applications are considered by the REHC Team. An applicant’s experience and qualifications are taken into account, together with the suitability of the applicant. For example, for REHC Trainers, the suitability considerations will include their business competence and financial planning; for Professional Jockeys, their honesty and integrity.

In some cases, a decision as to whether an application should be approved is referred for the consideration of the REHC Committee, under Schedule (A)9 of the Rules of Racing. The Committee is independent and sits only when required to hear cases which are referred to it. Previous Committee decisions are available on the REHC committee page.