History of Racing in Bahrain

Horses have always been part of Bahraini culture. A unique collection of pure-bred Arabian horses has been preserved on the island for over 200 years by the rulers of Bahrain.

Historically, racing was conducted  in private meetings and all horses were pure Arabians. In 1948, a committee was formed to have horse racing conducted under one umbrella. With the support of the Royal Family of Bahrain racing prospered and in 1977 the Amir of Bahrain issued a decree to establish the Rashid Equestrian & Horseracing Club to be the only racing authority in Bahrain. The Rashid Equestrian & Horseracing Club is recognized and accepted internationally as the governing body for horse racing in Bahrain. It administers all aspects of the sport, including the Rules of Racing, the registration of horses for racing, as well as the licensing of jockeys, officials and stable personnel and administers the international approved Stud Book.

Also, REHC takes an active part in international racing activities and as a member of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities and the Asian Racing Federation. With the establishing the Rashid Equestrian & Horseracing Club and keen interest and support of the royal family and the people of Bahrain, racing prospered from a small track and stand with modest facilities in Manama (the capital), to Riffa and then to the present site in Raffa in 1981.